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Welcome Shutterbug

How to Contribute

  1. Contact me before or immediately after an event.
  2. Convey your images however is easiest for you.

That's it and it could not be easier! Thank you for sharing your work with your neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and other friends.

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Speed Is Critical

Folks really value seeing event pictures on-line quickly. Processing all contributed pictures of an event usually begins within a few hours of its end. They will typically appear on-line the next day. I am happy to coordinate with you if I know you will be contributing.

Multiple Contributors

The more the better. The first step in creating an event photo set is to merge all contributed pictures in time order. After that, the "best" ones are selected without regard to who took them. This works really, really well producing the highest quality results and giving multiple perspectives on the same event.

Conveying Your Pictures

Whatever is easiest for you. Really. Stop by for 5 minutes and your camera's memory card can be quickly copied (and not otherwise disturbed in any way). Alternatively you could e-mail your pictures or put them on a CD (I will be happy to come to you).


Of course you will be acknowledged as a contributor. Additionally your image filenames will also include your initials.


You retain the copyright of all pictures you contribute - no ifs, ands, or buts. This is unlike several on-line photo sharing sites where they reduce or remove your ownership rights. A copyright notice appears at the bottom of each photo set and on this website's overall copyright page to protect your rights. Additionally, every picture you contribute will contain an embedded EXIF comment specifying your copyright.

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